Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

A couple of weeks late and a few dollars short, but here’s the entry from the June 14 challenge: Curves. Inspired by last night’s side salad.


Others who followed the curve:

And the challenge page itself:



WordPress Photo Challenge: Companionable

Hmm. Had to dig deep into the checklist of companions.  Don’t have any photos of God.  Then there’s my photographer husband who doesn’t like to be in front of the camera, and with no pets, that left me with these two: Gamera, the well-traveled and oft-shot Sony camera, and Fideaux, the aging Vaio laptop held together with gaffer tape.

The keyboard has pounded out hundreds, if not thousands of news and feature stories, graduate class papers and has edited thousands of photos. Oh, and it’s the main posting machine for this blog. The Sony has blasted out more than 10,000 photos and I’ve stopped counting. I’m almost never without at least one of them.

Electronic companions.
Electronic companions.

Other companions:

And the big companion:

Whistlepig and sidekick eat out (or in)

Readers are familiar with that blogally famous Perry County Prognosticator, Blossom the Groundhog. As good as her predictions are, she has been a little less predictable.

However, her spokespeople, Tamara and Jack, have sent new dispatch. Blossom has reappeared after spending the spring rearing a den of babies (pups? kittens? whistlepiglets?) Jack, an excellent human chef and vintner, was pleased to offer a spread that would delight any rodent of Blossom’s stature: cabbage, apples and peanuts. This time, Blossom brought a friend, the curl-your-toes-cute Ratty the wood rat, who was content with a bowl of oatmeal. Thanks to Tamara and Jack for the photo update!

BlossomGetsHerstrength BlossomGrump

Ratty Solo

Arkansas melange

“Orphan” photos without a theme, except they were all taken in Arkansas.

Weekly photo challenge: The world through your eyes

Nature shows there is beauty in both life and death.

And a look through everyone’s eyes:  http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/06/21/world-through-your-eyes/

Night light

A parabolic mirror that rests on one of our sills can cast a very bright spotlight through the window at night when the room light is on. The spot is a magnet for nocturnal insects. This very fuzzly moth parked himself right in the middle earlier this week.

Moth against a dark background.
THAT’S ME IN THE SPOTLIGHT — Moth makes a nighttime stop on a lighted window.