Fountain of light

Setting sun produces fountain of light.
The Feb. 12 sunset was freakish. Not sure what configuration the clouds had below the treeline, but apparently they channeled the light from the setting sun into this upward jet of light. Taken on the commute back to Ferndale. (iPhone photo)

Peabody duck

The Peabody Hotels in Memphis, Tenn., and Little Rock, both have resident ducks as something of a trademark. This mallard lives at the Little Rock hotel.

This lady was resting on one of the platforms in their lobby pool. While I detest cheesy digital filters, the flatness of the lighting lent itself to Photoshop’s watercolor filter.

Peabody duck
Duck at the Peabody Hotel

Crow. Snow.

A crow in the snow. There are still a few snow boulders around on Feb. 19, but little else. The daffodils are emerging, the pears appear ready to burst forth and the rest of the trees buds are beginning to swell. 

Crow in snowy pine tree