Happy Place

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge asks: ” Where’s your happy place?” For us,  it’s that place where the rising sun’s rays skim across the mountain folds, and updrafts sustain the wind play of vultures and hawks. It’s that place where birds fill the ears with chirps and whistles and hoots, and buck snorts add exclamation points to the Ouachita Mountain soundtrack. It’s also the place that has served as a bird blind, galactic observatory and deer-watching platform. That happy place is our deck.

Sunset Sept. 19, 2015.
Sunset Sept. 19, 2015.
AUTUMN FOG -- Fog fills valleys in the Ouachita Mountains. Taken Sept. 15, 2016.
AUTUMN FOG — Fog fills valleys in the Ouachita Mountains. Taken Sept. 15, 2016.

Weekly photo challenge: Shadowed II

Shadows angle across a snow-dusted deck.

Shadows across snow dusted deck.

Even more “shadowed” we liked this week:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

No exotic locations. No great landmarks.  Just nighttime as seen from our deck tonight through a 30-second exposure.

Night time horizon
Looking southeastward from our deck. Little Rock’s city lights are glowing in the distance. Stars sparkling on the right.

And other visions in the night that we liked:

In a whirl.

Christmas decorations and another beautiful sunset, OR how to make the most of fading light without a tripod.


A little fun with LEDs
After a day of cooking and cleaning, it was time to do something else -- like restringing the deck lights. After all, you can't be outshone by your neighbor, especially if there are only three houses on the street.




Our patio heater has become the primary home for this wren, who goes about her business chatting away and conducting high performance climbs and dives in and around the deck.


Little wren on the deck rail
A wren peers out from a perch on the deck railing.