Readers are familiar with that blogally famous Perry County Prognosticator, Blossom the Groundhog. As good as her predictions are, she has been a little less predictable.

However, her spokespeople, Tamara and Jack, have sent new dispatch. Blossom has reappeared after spending the spring rearing a den of babies (pups? kittens? whistlepiglets?) Jack, an excellent human chef and vintner, was pleased to offer a spread that would delight any rodent of Blossom’s stature: cabbage, apples and peanuts. This time, Blossom brought a friend, the curl-your-toes-cute Ratty the wood rat, who was content with a bowl of oatmeal. Thanks to Tamara and Jack for the photo update!

BlossomGetsHerstrength BlossomGrump

Ratty Solo

18 thoughts on “Whistlepig and sidekick eat out (or in)

  1. Wow! What a photo! And both of them being so polite at their own bowls! As an aside, if they aren’t already, I think the little ones should be called whistlets. Or maybe whiglets.

  2. Awww, so sweet. We had “Mom” for several years, a female squirrel we fed, who had a few litters in our bay trees, until someone shot and killed her. It was delightful to see this photo! Brought back good memories. The rat is so cute.

  3. During a very hard winter 3 years ago a big family of water rats moved in my garden where the compost box is situated, and they were so desperate that they were not afraid of the dogs who have their house in this part of the garden. Now they live actually under the compost box and under the doghouse. Dogs are digging holes and hunting so there is some natural balance, in this part of the world at least.

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