All y’all, it’s fall!

Fall has definitely made its presence known here in the Arkansas Ouachitas!

Fall gallery

Gadzooks! We’ve been off WordPress for a month? Here’s a gallery for a little catching up on some of October’s sights.

Autumn morning, Arkansas style

We’d wondered over the last few weeks if autumn’s tremendous show would ever come to town and lamented that the color change seemed to be later than in previous years. Some years you can see the trees begin to change as early as August. However, fall finally came through and here’s what we saw before going to work last Thursday. (Be sure to click on the image to see a larger version.)

Fall foliage at sunrise.
COAT OF MANY COLORS — Fall spreads its colors over the Arkansas Ouachitas. Taken Nov. 13, 2014. (pano was stitched from multiple photos)

Fall into winter

What a difference a few weeks can make. The top photo was taken the week before Thanksgiving. The bottom photo was taken around lunchtime today — the snow and sleet courtesy winter storm Cleon.

Fall landscape.
The Arkansas Ouachitas glow in the pink morning light of Nov. 11, 2013.
Except for a few ragged flags left in the black jack oaks, the same Ouachita ridge is stripped bare, nearly a monotone, thanks to a Dec. 6, 2013, winter storm.

Weekly photo challenge: Hue

This week’s photo challenge is about color — capturing a color or colors that captures you — at the moment.  Blue has always been a favorite color and this morning’s cloudless sky was made more intense by a  polarizer. These berries were among many in the rows of vines at the University of Arkansas’ Fruit Research Station in Clarksville.

Green muscadines
BLUE & GREEN — Intense blue is the background for these green muscadine vines and fruit.

A rainbow of  hues:


The sweet light

A struggling oak tree whose top branches are devoid of lush summer leaves, often finds itself bedecked in plumage instead.  In the evenings, it’s a treat  look out the kitchen window and see the sweet light given by the setting sun casting a warm glow to our avian friends.

Scarlet tanager against blue sky.
Scarlet tanager.
Mourning dove against mostly blue sky.
Mourning dove.

Weekly photo challenge: Color

Keeping the palette tight for this challenge.

The colors of this week’s challenge:

The challenge mother page:

Heffalump trunk

Ferns fronds are elegant, whether simply lobed or carved with more complexity. And they present themselves to the world in such a beautiful way, slowly unfurling into the filtered light of the forest floor.

DOWN AND UP  — This frond was reaching downward into a channel carved by runoff into the mountainside. It seemed to me like an elephant’s trunk — you almost want to hand it a peanut.
UPRIGHT — Captured last week, this curled frond reminded me of nautilids.