WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer lovin’

Our entry for this week’s “Summer Lovin'” photo challenge is a photo taken last Saturday for a post we were going to title “The Romance of Flowers.” There were a few folks on the same wavelength this week, including the Ladybugs entry from The Changing Palette (see link below).

Mating insects in flower.
IT TAKES TWO — To pollinate.

Other challenge entries we loved:

Beauty underneath

Sometimes, the side facing away from the sun presents a better view. These fungi, a rather nondescript white on the top, were quite elaborate underneath. Gazing up the trunk of this tree, the beautiful and distinct rills and curves reminded me of the elaborate scrolls of a Corinthian column capital.

Fungus rills

Weekly photo challenge: Containers

“Containers” is the theme of this week’s WordPress photo challenge. Pondered on this for a few hours before realizing that containers can be broader than simply a can or a pot. Each droplet was a container of sort — each held a micro image of the world around it.

 Droplets in a spiderweb.
SUSPENDED – Droplets in a spiderweb.

Other containers we liked:





Weekly photo challenge: Relic

This week’s photo challenge theme is relic. Our relic is a pine tree, giving life to fungi.

Fungi on dead tree
RELIC — Fungi cover the remains of a pine tree.

And others of today’s relics that we liked: