Every time we pick up the camera and look through the viewfinder, we compose, then fiddle with the aperture and the exposure, all in search of that perfect photo. However, this week’s photo challenge — “Oops” — is about those less-than-perfect images. Hardly the stuff of galleries or museums, but more the stuff of  the heart or humor.

3-24-2011 Gus.jpg
The smiles here weren’t so much the result of everyone-say-cheese! but of the determination of the barn dog  Gus to become part of the shot and seek some attention from the photographer. 





With point n’ shoots, autofocus can be a tremendous asset especially if you don’t have an optical viewfinder or have aging eyes that can make focusing difficult.  There’s a downside to autofocus. Well, we’ll let the photos speak for themselves. 🙂

11-26 Bald Eagle.jpg
Bald eagle. Foiled by twigs. (Taken on the fly on an oxbow off US 70)


12-06 Cardinal Stick.jpg
Cardinal. Foiled by twigs. (what happens when you try to shoot while cooking brunch.)

Eye to Eye

There’s no doubting the power of eyes — you know, windows to the soul and all that. This week’s photo challenge, Eye Spy, asks us to give the eye a second look.

In the photo below, two very well-camouflaged creatures eye each other warily.

5-10 Eyeball to Eyeball.jpg

Eyes were a topic of an earlier post as well, as in this pensive primate at the Little Rock Zoo.