Berry thorny.

Wading into the thorny bramble provided a basket full of blackberries, with a side of punctures.

Gloved hand holds blackberries
BEFORE: Purple-stained gloves come with a morning round of berry picking.

Postcript: Wading into a French cookbook yielded a traditional tart with fruit and custard.

Blackberry tart a la Francais
AFTER: Dessert

Making a splash!

One of the most fun places in Ferndale is the 4-H Center.  Last night, 4-Hers ages 10-13 designed, built and paddled their own cardboard boats in a race across the lake. Only one boat tumped and with the temperature still in the upper 90s at 8 p.m., the sailors didn’t seem to be complaining too much about being in the drink.

Cardboard boat racing hit the national media scene as part of an annual July event at Heber Springs. The boats at Heber may be more elaborate, reflecting months of planning. The 4-H boats were seaworthy with just a couple hours devoted to design and construction.

Start of cardboard boat race
The four entries make way at the start of the cardboard boat race.