From the just-bloomed daylily in our hand-me-down garden to the near spotless orange ladybug slumbering in a leaf, orange is making its presence known in the Ouachitan landscape.

The sweet light

A struggling oak tree whose top branches are devoid of lush summer leaves, often finds itself bedecked in plumage instead.  In the evenings, it’s a treat  look out the kitchen window and see the sweet light given by the setting sun casting a warm glow to our avian friends.

Scarlet tanager against blue sky.
Scarlet tanager.
Mourning dove against mostly blue sky.
Mourning dove.

Weekly photo challenge: Fleeting

The water strider’s place in the world is fleeting, subject to the whims of wind and water.

Water strider on the surface of a creek.
WALKING ON WATER —  Water strider skates along the surface of a Ouachita mountains creek.

And the source of all these fleeting moments:

Stormy Saturday

Arkansas and the rest of the mid-South have gotten a belly full of fierce weather in the last two weeks.

Our prayers are with the families in Oklahoma and western Arkansas who lost loved ones in the wave of tornadoes and flooding.

Stormy sky
BOILING CLOUDS — A sign another round of storms wasn’t far off.
Three strikes of lighttning
THREE STRIKES — Composite of three frames showing three lightning strikes within one second. The trees in the foreground are about 50 feet from the house.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Nature has its signs too. The orange hourglass on the underside of the black widow says look, but don’t touch.

Orange hourglass is a clue to her identity.
Black widow spider found hanging around near the house while doing yardwork this morning. She’s the second one we’ve seen in about a week.

Other signs:

And the big sign challenge: