Flying is miraculous. How those mammoth metal tubes stay in the air is still amazing. However, traveling by car allows one to see so much more. The two-seater, rag-top trip to the upper Midwest produced a bevy of signs. Alas, the we missed capturing most interesting one, south of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, which read: “Private dirt pile. No trespassing.”

Others from our trip:

Terrible's casino sign in Iowa
"I'm Terrible, and I have a casino."
Pay Machine sign
Is it a command or a benefit? Parking lot sign at Stillwater, Minn.
Night crawlers and pet care. Home business diversification in Hudson, Wisc.
Dump truck with sign
Obviously written for people who have work-related target fixation. Spotted somewhere in Iowa.
Pony Express Motel sign
Classic mid-century-ish motel sign in St. Joseph, Mo.
Sinclair sign
The dinosaur is not extinct. Sinclair lives on.

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