Weekly photo challenge: Street life

If there was ever a place that breathed street life, it’s New Orleans. When the sun goes down, the streets come alive. There are street corner soloists and ensembles and the people who were set up with typewriters and desks offering to pound out instant short stories and erotica for a fistful of dollars. That’s New Orleans for you.

Street corner concert.
In Frenchman’s Street — Impromptu street corner concert.
Band playing in bar.
A few steps from the street, music, dance, color in Cafe Negril.

Other views of street life:

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In the pink

One of the beauties of Spring is its palette. Here’s a survey of pinks in the Ouachita woodlands. And it’s also the color of the day for Laetare Sunday!

A desperate metaphor

Once again, the demands of work have trumped blog life* and my apologies to you, dear reader,  for not being able to take time to visit and comment on your blogs or keep this one updated. And just because I believe visual content is important to enhance the verbal:

Deer-chewed branch
Desperate metaphor — A deer-chewed branch representing work eating into blog life!

*But we’re trying to catch up!

We love ladybugs

What is it about beetles that make them so darned cute?  Is it their shape or their color? Or the way they move with those little legs churning away under that bubblelike shell? Each winter, we have scores of ladybugs come out of hiding and make themselves at home inside the house. We feed them. We sprinkle water near them to drink and watch them fly spirals under the lights at night. If it’s warm enough, we encourage them to go outside and find some aphids, scale insects or other pests.

Indoor ladybug on a glass.
Indoor ladybug on the lip of a glass. This one circumnavigated the rim over and over and over.
Ladybug on the sidewalk.
Ladybug outside on the sidewalk.

The dandelion’s tale

Dandelions always remind me of my mother. It’s not just because yellow was her favorite color. The dandelion was a symbol of her cross-cultural learnings.

She grew up in Bangkok surrounded by a stunning array of wildly colored tropical flowers and plants of all sorts. In the 1950s, she had earned a fellowship to study nursing in England. It would be her first time spending an extended period of time away from home and her very large family.

London was a world away and homesickness bubbled under the surface. One drab spring day, she saw a blazing  yellow beacon in the grass — a floral reminder of home.  She bent down and promptly turned it into a boutonniere. She walked along near Russell Square with a smile as bright as the dandelion in her jacket lapel.

“Excuse me ma’am,” a bobby  said with a little smile. “Do you know you’re wearing a weed?”

“A weed?” mom asked.

“A weed,” he said.

Mom just smiled and said:  “It’s beautiful no matter what it’s called.”

Can’t argue with that.

Dandelion in the sun.
Bright rays and curls of a dandelion in the sun.





Winter vs. Spring. Round 3

And the winner is … Spring!

Arkansas did have one more round of snow on St. Patrick’s Day, with enough ice and snow to cause a 10- to 15-car pileup that shut down I-630 during the morning commute. However, Spring has gotten down to business and has taken the state in its firm grip.

Violets grow on a rocky Ouachita mountain slope.
White tree blossoms.
Beautiful blossoms, but the tree is a mystery.
Robin in nest.
Mama robin minds her nest in a tulip tree at the office.


Winter vs. Spring: Round 2 continued

Winter has its moments of beauty.

Winter landscape.
STORYBOOK ENDING — Winter has its beauty. When the sun finally broke through, it lit a scene that looked like a storybook illustration.
Snow covered road.
UP THE ROAD — Ice, sleet, snow make for a beautiful view but a treacherous drive up 30- and 40 degree curving mountain roads.
individual flakes on an iron railing.
SNOWFLAKES — individual flakes on an iron railing.

Winter vs. Spring: Round 2

After a few springlike days, winter came roaring back, taking Round 2. The system dropped freezing rain, several inches of sleet and topped it all off with snow. Schools were shut down for days and traffic stopped on I-40 and I-55 in northeastern Arkansas.

The heavy winter layer took all the joy out of the daffodils in back of the office.  So sad.

LOST HIS CROWN — Daffodil loses its rill in the sleet, rain and snow.
Frozen daffodils.
DOWN — A storm system that brought freezing rain, a few inches of sleet and snow stomped these daffodils.

Winter vs Spring: Round 1

Winter vs. Spring. The fight is on! Round 1 goes to Spring. Images taken Feb. 27 in Little Rock.

Single daffodil bloom
SPRUNG — Patches of daffodils in the woods behind the office are showing signs that spring isn’t going to be bullied by Ol’ Man Winter.
Bloom on a tulip tree backlit by winter sun. BRIGHT – Bloom on a tulip tree backlit by winter sun.
Witch hazel.
BEWITCHED — Witchhazel blooms in the office garden.
Bunch of daffodils
SPRUNG II — Cluster of daffodils!