WPC: Trio

Three’s company. Third time’s a charm. Three dog night. There’s no doubt the number three has a high profile in our culture and speech. This week’s WordPress photo challenge is all about three: Trio.

Below, a sea myrtle launches three seed parachutes into the breeze just below the lens flare.




FLYING CORNCOB AND ROTATING LIMA BEAN: Just another day of air travel

When it comes to airports, it seems only fitting that large-scale architecture get large-scale art. At least, that’s the thinking at Atlanta’s Hartsfield. Some may find these bits of public art a bit silly, but the child in me finds them absolutely delicious.

Corn cob transformed into a jet.

CORNAIR — Jet powered corn cob, ATL. Taken Oct. 24, 2015.

Carrot sculpture at ATL.

WHY YES — It is a rotating lima bean on a giant carrot. Why do you ask? Taken at ATL, Oct. 24, 2015.