Act like a child

This week’s photo challenge asks,”How do you fuel the fires of optimism?” Few things are as chock full of optimism as a child at play. So today, a snow day (#Snowmageddon2016 #South), was a perfect day to be that child. After checking the property for damage after freezing rain, sleet and 6 inches of snow, the inner 8-year-old forgot — for a few minutes — about the 50-something in which she lives.


WPC: Weight(less)

Made weight(less) by determination: A young man slowly rising from his wheelchair to walk across the stage and accept his diploma.

Taken May 2, 2015, at the SW Tennessee State Community College commencement – where our spirits were by the graduation of our niece.

5-2 WheelchairStudent-Edit.jpg

WPC: Circle

Just love the window seat when we’re flying. The views of the earth from 30,000 feet are endlessly fascinating. This last time, we were treated to “glories,” gorgeous circular rainbows, on both the outbound and inbound legs. Here, a glory intersects with the shadow of our 757.

12-27 DoubleRingedGlory-Eastbound.jpg


Every time we pick up the camera and look through the viewfinder, we compose, then fiddle with the aperture and the exposure, all in search of that perfect photo. However, this week’s photo challenge — “Oops” — is about those less-than-perfect images. Hardly the stuff of galleries or museums, but more the stuff of  the heart or humor.

3-24-2011 Gus.jpg

The smiles here weren’t so much the result of everyone-say-cheese! but of the determination of the barn dog  Gus to become part of the shot and seek some attention from the photographer.