On pins and needles

The probability of pine needles landing more or less vertically seems to me to have the about same probability of a tossed coin landing on its edge. Which is why this sight grabbed my eye. A green swath with pine needles landed heads down, sticking up from the grass like a little forest of lawn darts. Alas, the lawnmower man came by the next day and the needle forest was gone.

Pine needles sticking up from the grass.
Needles sticking up from the grass.

WordPress Photo Challenge: Texture

Texture would seem to be such a simple thing. Wandered around among the trees and weeds looking for anything new that would really fit the challenge. (Our previous post, “Coral Fungus,” would’ve been perfect). So here’s what we found today:

8-9 AlumMountain
Crumpled aluminum foil in the kitchen.
Intertwined white stone and black algae.
Black algae meets flowstone in front of the house.
Soft white feather in grass.
A shed feather stands upright, caught in blades of grass.


Extra textures we loved:

Silhouette of a grumpy robin

Was looking through the files (read: images that somehow never seem to get deleted from the camera disk) and came across this one shot from my office window.

It was a very hot  June day, and this robin, like everyone else on very hot days, seemed rather irritable. He walked to and fro, ranting as he went. He finally ran out of steam and sat in the grass, panting and with his feathers fluffed to vent heat.  In the top shot, he sat at the edge of the building’s shadow; the other shot is what he looks like in all his glorious grouchy color.

Robin in shadow.
Robin is a little edgy on a hot June day.

Robin laying in the grass.

Weekly photo challenge: Changing seasons

Fall and winter are trying to gain a foothold here in Arkansas. These shots came from one of the few frostly mornings we’ve had here in Central Arkansas  — cold snaps sandwiched between days with highs in the 70s, a few thunderstorms and the occasional tornado watch.

More changing seasons:

And the home for the weekly challenge: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/12/07/weekly-photo-challenge-changing-seasons/

Red and blue

A welcome sight on arriving home from work — indigo buntings and a cardinal pecking around the grass.

COLORS -- A rare double -- a cardinal and indigo bunting share the frame as they eat seed in the tall grass.
FLUFFY -- Indigo fluffs his feather against the rain.
BLUE BELLIED -- This lizard's underside turns a bright turquoise during breeding season. He shows it off doing pushups on a brick wall.