The trouble with grasshoppers

Drought has forced grasshoppers and other insects to light on anything green and lush — and that usually means something you’re growing and watering carefully. Grasshoppers have stripped the leaves off the kitchen garden thyme and cut large swaths from leaves of the citrus and apple trees on the deck.

The real problem is when they’re not eating, they’re making more grasshoppers.

XXX-Is a cutline really necessary?

Late summer storm

We’ve been blessed with a handful of drought-breaking rains. In the last few days, we’ve received close to 4 inches of rain. The foliage almost glowed with the moisture.

shelf cloud
CURVED -- This shelf cloud's front seems carved by the wind, like a water vapor version of wind-carved canyons in the SW United States.
Storm front with scud
PUTTING ITS FOOT DOWN -- The storm front, moving from left to right (east to west) drops a scud.
storm waves
WAVES -- The front of this storm seemed to have flat clouds that lapped like small waves on a shoreline.

Greer’s Ferry Lake

Anglers and boaters love Arkansas. Greer’s Ferry Lake and Heber Springs are a magnet for those who love to do both. Here’s what the lake looked like on Aug. 7.

Greers Ferry
BRIGHT -- Summer day shows Greers Ferry Lake to its best advantage.

Sugarloaf is another landmark in the Heber Springs area. Part of the Ozark Plateau, years of erosion have left it sloped, with deck of sedimentary rock (Bloyd Shale?)  at the top.

Sugar Loaf
SUGARLOAF -- The top of this mountain features a platform that resisted erosion -- a nice contrast to its tree bedecked slopes.
Sugar loaf
UP CLOSE -- A closer view of the top of Sugarloaf.

Cold War Relics

During the cold war, north-central Arkansas, like other places around the country, was home to Titan missile silos. They’re empty now. Some sites are obliterated. Some are preserved. Some are even used as homes.

While roaming through rural north-central Arkansas, we came across a signpost for Misslebase Road. ( It’s misspelled that way on the road marker, and dutifully copied by Google maps) So naturally, we had to go looking for it. We didn’t see anything from the road, but found it on Google maps.

Road sign
SIGNPOST OF THE TIMES -- The name of this road caught our attention during a Saturday ramble around north-central Arkansas.
Old silo
OLD SILO -- Farm surrounds the site of an abandoned silo.