Fall colors.

Not your typical fall colors light up the afternoon on the mountain.

Gray butterfly
Gray butterfly basks in the autumn sun.
Green beetle on orange flower.
This green beetle with black polka dots contrasts with the bright orange petals of this cosmos.
Sunchoke flower
The bright yellow of this sunchoke flower contrast with the bright blue, cloudless fall sky in a shot composed by the wind.
Blue aster
Blue wildflower brightens the September garden.

Black and white

This morning’s walk turned up plenty of texture.

two halves of a hickory nut
Aging hickory nut halves embedded in a crack in the concrete road.
vines wrapped around a pine tree
Vines wrap around a pine tree trunk.
wild grass seed heads
Grass seed heads wave in the early autumn breeze.
Outer shell of hickory nut.
A husk is all that's left after the squirrel has a snack.

Autumn orange

Fall arrived earlier this week, and fall color is appearing everywhere in the Ouachitas.

Composite of sunset
The Sept. 25 sunset, between 6 p.m., left, and 7:30 p.m., right. The middle shot shows the sunset reflected in our bedroom windows.
Aged butterfly
RAGGED WINGS -- A summer of flying has left this butterfly's wings on the ragged edge.
Orange cosmos
An orange cosmos brightens up a fading fall garden.
Falling leaf suspended.
Falling leaf suspended in a spider's web never hits the ground.


Last year, there was so much rain, none of the grape vines twined around the trees was pollinated. No grapes. Anywhere. This year, there were grapes, but the hot dry summer caused many to become raisins on the vine — which is why it was so surprising to see these plump muscadines ripening.

Muscadines are a hardy grape and often wind up in jellies and wine.

Muscadines on the vine
Muscadines ripen in late summer in the Ouachita forest.