Population explosion

This common house spider has proven to be a very successful mother. One egg sac hatched this morning. Two others are waiting. An entomological version of the old Contac’s hundreds of tiny time pills.

House spider minds an egg sac.
House spider minds an egg sac, while another bursts forth with hundreds of tiny little house spiders.
Newly hatched spiders find their web legs.
With the hour, these newly hatched spiders are wandering the web highways built by mama house spider.

Determined killdeer

This killdeer has twice set up a nest in a little bit of mulch in one of the parking lots at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Not sure what happened to her first clutch of four eggs. She’s back with another clutch, and just as fierce in the defense of her nest as ever.

Killdeer in nest
Don't mess with mama killdeer.


Saturday morning moon show.  Beats cartoons any day. [I’m still amazed that this little point-and-shoot can capture as much detail as it does. In addition to the mare, the photo even shows ejecta blankets.]

Nearly full moon, just an hour or two before setting
The clear sky provides the moon a spectacular setting over the Ouachita Mountains just before moonset.


Fruiting bodies make moss look like  some alien creature or some mid-century decorative fantasy.

Green moss with fruiting bodies
Or maybe this moss is more 70s than mid-century. Avocado green shag, mustard yellow and copper fruiting bodies. Perfect for the Bradys' TV household.
Moss fruiting bodies
Moss gains a foothold on the grout between tiles on the deck.

After the storm

Light from the setting sun plays across mist left after the passage of a summer storm that flashed through the Ouachitas of western Pulaski, eastern Perry and northern Saline counties.

low clouds in the Ouachita valleys after a storm
Low clouds fill these Ouachita valleys looking into Perry County.