The details

You know that old saw about stopping to smell the roses? Photography can be something like that, except you lean in with your lens, absorbing all the details. Suddenly there appear all those wonderful bits of life and texture that on regular day are as invisible as the quantum world.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Convergence II

When functions Converge: When your rain gauge also becomes your thermometer.

(Typical Arkansas fall weather – 15 degrees F two weeks ago, mid-70s today.)

Rain gauge filled with ice.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge cue is “converge.” The top convergence was most unfortunate. The tree is 70 feet high – give or take a foot or two – so rescue of this remote-controlled plane is unlikely. The bottom shot shows the moon, Mars and Antares somewhat close to converging on a single line back in September.

RC plane in tree.
OUCH – Large remote-controlled plane hangs upside down in a pine tree.
Moon, Mars and Antares line up.
STELLAR/LUNAR — The moon, Mars and Antares line up back in September.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, extra

There were big two extras in this photo: the size of the cinnamon roll and Aunt Betty’s delighted expression at seeing the giant pastry (and the gentle teasing from everyone else at the table.)

Giant cinnamon roll.
That’s a cinnamon roll? What you get when you order one at Jensen’s in Burnsville, Minnesota.

And an earlier extra. Was trying to photo the ducks and found the accidental bald eagle in the image. The white tail feathers and head are backlight to the left side of the image in the trees.

A cast of extras with starring roles:



Weekly photo challenge: Twist

This week’s photo challenge is twist.  The rays of this wild purple coneflower seem be slowly unfurling — with a twist — in the shadows of the Ouachita Mountain woodlands.

Purple coneflower.
Purple coneflower.

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Weekly photo challenge: Monument

This week’s photo challenge is titled “Monument.” Here is our monument to spring in the Arkansas Ouachita mountains: All of 5 inches tall including stem, this crested iris is getting ready to unfurl its flag.



Other monuments we liked:


Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

This week’s challenge is window. While on photo safari this morning (read: walking around the woods, camera/s in hand looking for something to shoot) I came across an awakening colony of red imported fire ants. This mound was too near to our brand new popup greenhouse for comfort. The air temperature was warming well into the 50s after a week that began in the single digits. Because of cold, cold ground, some workers in the colony were was just beginning to forage, but the bulk of the ants were huddled together in creepy writhing balls.  The camera and an 8x loupe became a window into their lives. (At least before laying down a ring of Amdro.)

Fire ants approach dead colleague.
Fire ants approach dead colleague.
Writhing, wriggling and sometimes hairy fire ants.
Writhing, wriggling and sometimes hairy fire ants.
Large RIFA worker.
Large RIFA worker.

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Weekly photo challenge: Beginning


This week’s photo challenge, “beginning,” is an excellent way to start the year. Our entry represents the beginning of a new cycle for our native dogwood trees. These buds are just awaiting spring’s arrival. (The beginning of spring seems like a long way away when the wind chill is in the single digits. Brrrrr.)

Dogwood buds ready for the beginning of spring.
Dogwood buds ready for the beginning of spring.

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