WPC: Boundaries

Boundaries are this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge. Below, lichens set out dark, circular boundaries atop a stone, and in the bottom photo, a wall seems to keep the snake on the wild side of the bricks. (In reality, he often uses the drainage holes to visit the house side and explore the garage.)

lichen circles on stone
CIRCLED — Lichen growth looking like overlapping bulleye’s on a stone.
WALLED OUT — The friendly neighborhood coachwhip glides along the outside of the knee wall.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

This week’s challenge is all about being connected.  Shoes off and safely slung between two trees, a student takes advantage of a warm, sunny afternoon in a campus green belt to keep connected via cell phone.

student in hammock
HANG OUT – Student at the University of Arkansas-Little Rock takes a break between classes in the Coleman Creek greenbelt. Taken Sept. 3, 2015.

Weekly photo challenge: Escape (UPDATE 2)

“If I could just make it over the top of this rock … escape is in sight!” — Quoth the spiny caterpillar.

Thanks to our friendly neighborhood extension urban entomologist for the ID on this fellow and his kin:  the Eastern Buck moth, Hemileuca maia.

Yet another update — It seems we’ve got this whole escape thing backwards where the buck moth caterpillar is concerned.  See “Look, but don’t touch, buck moth caterpillars.”  Run away!


Black spiny caterpillar.
Single caterpillar tries to make a break up and over a rock. One face of the rock  in the woods was covered with scores of other spiny brethren.

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Weekly photo challenge: Future tense

Found hiding behind the cutting board, this garlic clove’s growth spurt ensures its future will be in the kitchen garden and not in the paella.

Garlic clove does not wait for a future in the pot.
Garlic clove does not wait for a future in the pot.

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Weekly photo challenge: Lost in the details

One of the nice things about the weekly photo challenge is that the prompt gets you to see the world in another way; or see an object in a new light; or at the very least from a new angle. Our take on the details is below.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal 2

Robin takes part in an annual renewal of the species. Our second entry from this week’s challenge.

NESTING INSTINCTS — Robin incubating more robins at the Heifer Project headquarters in Little Rock back in March.

More renewal:


Weekly photo challenge: Foreign

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge prompt was “foreign.” There were so many lovely photos of faraway lands we fretted over what to post. Then by a bit of serendipity, we were taken on a test drive while waiting on our car to be serviced. During the test drive, we were “hijacked” to a gathering of automotive enthusiasts serving up pretzels, sausages, beer and showing off their lovely driving machines. Most were German; a few were English. All were foreign. It was the most memorable test drive we’ve ever had*. Below, a handful of shots of some of the beauties on display.

LOTUS BADGING — Under the hood of a Jensen-Healey.
TAKE THE WHEEL — Steering wheel a little worse for wear in a ’66 VW bus.
LIGHT THE WAY — Headlight and part of the grille of a restored Austin Mini — complete with 10-inch wheels.

There were some lovely cars including a new BMW 1M, a 6-series shark, a Jensen-Healey ragtop, and a few tuned V-Dubs.

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http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/10/26/weekly-photo-challenge-foreign/  And some other intriguing interpretations of this week’s challenge:

*Why? 1) The new VW Golf R is a very hot little hatch, especially when 2) A former national SCCA champion driver is at the wheel giving it a 100 percent performance drive.

One of our visitors asked for images of the vehicles at the gathering. Here are a few:

Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette

What a way to start the day! Sunrise over the local pond on Oct. 18, 2012. The intense colors throw the autumn woods into silhouette.

MORNING — Sun and clouds combine for a breathtaking view on the way to work.

And the homepage for this week’s weekly photo challenge:

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And since you’ve read this far down, here’s what we saw as the sun went to bed the evening before the above sunrise:

GOOD NIGHT — Sun sinks into a deck of clouds the evening of Oct. 17, 2012, before disappearing over Oklahoma and points west.

Weekly photo challenge: Movement

Up here on the mountain, the summer sky is filled with dragonflies. They all seem to be heading southward; swimming and bobbing in the warm air currents like corks in a choppy sea.

Ever try to photograph dragonflies in motion?  Their unpredictable flight makes panning difficult and nearly impossible for autofocus to follow.  So, this week’s entry into the weekly photo challenge is a bit of a cheat. To compensate for a slow shutter and no motor drive, this week’s image is a montage  — slices of video taken  in the camera’s movie mode.

TRAJECTORY OF A DRAGONFLY — After a fashion. Dragonflies don’t really fly in an arc or a straight line. Their flight path is more like that of  a bad day at helicopter pilot school. 

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