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Why yes. That is the headline. Why do you ask?

However, in the spirit of full disclosure, it must be noted that this post’s headline was entirely accidental — caused by sitting on my phone. How it actually opened the WordPress app AND posted the entry is beyond my ken. So let’s hear it for butt dialing at a new level.

Thanks to Eliza Waters for posting a comment, or else this eccentric post might not have gone noticed for days.

Fire in the hole

Every once in a while, the hard working crew at my office just has to bust loose. On this particular August day a couple of years ago, a pair of co-worker cut-ups in Community and Economic Development decided to have a little workday fun during a break with Mentos and diet Coke.


(no endorsements intended)

Moby peck

The big raucous pileated woodpeckers in our corner of the Ouachita Mountains have been the Moby Dick to my Ahab-ic photographic ambitions. For years, I’ve tried to capture a decent photo, but they’ve proven elusive, skittish and pretty good at hiding for something so large and loudly colored. But finally, FINALLY, one very vocal female lit in a tree this morning, not far from our living room window. And there she is.

Ghost leaf

Arkansas summer mornings give rise to interesting conditions, thanks to the high humidity and the difference in temperature between inside and outside. Condensation on the windows can be especially telling — as if Nature was deploying her own forensic technique to seek the whereabouts of creatures and things. On this July morning, this ghostly outline appeared on the glass — retracing the landing spot of some storm tossed leaf.

7-17-2016 Leaf Impression Window