This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge prompt was “foreign.” There were so many lovely photos of faraway lands we fretted over what to post. Then by a bit of serendipity, we were taken on a test drive while waiting on our car to be serviced. During the test drive, we were “hijacked” to a gathering of automotive enthusiasts serving up pretzels, sausages, beer and showing off their lovely driving machines. Most were German; a few were English. All were foreign. It was the most memorable test drive we’ve ever had*. Below, a handful of shots of some of the beauties on display.

LOTUS BADGING — Under the hood of a Jensen-Healey.
TAKE THE WHEEL — Steering wheel a little worse for wear in a ’66 VW bus.
LIGHT THE WAY — Headlight and part of the grille of a restored Austin Mini — complete with 10-inch wheels.

There were some lovely cars including a new BMW 1M, a 6-series shark, a Jensen-Healey ragtop, and a few tuned V-Dubs.

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge mother page:  And some other intriguing interpretations of this week’s challenge:

*Why? 1) The new VW Golf R is a very hot little hatch, especially when 2) A former national SCCA champion driver is at the wheel giving it a 100 percent performance drive.

One of our visitors asked for images of the vehicles at the gathering. Here are a few:

21 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Foreign

      1. Just today, I watched a segment of ‘Top Gear’ reviewing one of their cars. I watched it with my 3 year old son. I guess it was really more for my benefit than his!

      2. Jeremy Clarkson in an Evora. It apparently handles well, but is not actually that fast in comparison to some other cars. But that’s OK, I’ll take one if offered!

      3. That’s for sure! Jeremy’s not one to give a thumbs down when it comes to Jaguar or Aston Martin either. However, we have pity on the poor Morris Marinas that do make it to the show. Who knew a program could have such a large piano budget …

      4. We don’t have cable so I have to watch the show on Utube. I saw that piano on one of the videos but have not watched it yet, I’ll have to check it out!

  1. My first PingBack ! Thanks 😉
    I love VDubs
    and live in the home town of Morgan Motors …
    Nice little Mini restored.

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