This abandoned beauty sits off U.S 70 east of Little Rock in the row crop land of the Arkansas Delta. The image is almost a cliche, and had tried countless different croppings in an effort to keep it from being a cliche. In the end, thought it best to let it be.

STILL LIFE WITH SUNFLOWERS — A rusty old shack off U.S. 70 in the Arkansas Delta.

10 thoughts on “Tin roof, rusted

  1. Love old houses and barns. Everyone one tells a different story. They all have lots of character. Love it.

  2. That’s one thing about the South, there are many of these in the country side in various stages of, well, begin reclaimed by nature. Each is unique, each with its own beauty. And as you said so well, each one tells a different story. The sunflowers really did it for me on this shot. (But why can’t I get the B-52s out of my head now?) 🙂

  3. Your blog’s subheading made me laugh. 🙂 Great concept here, and I particularly like this photo. Something about that red, rusted roof, indeed!

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