Every October, we look forward to the monarch butterfly migration. Two weekends ago, I spent a couple of hours in one of the gardens, ripping out the overgrown mass of foot-high grass and weeds, as well as the dried brown coreopsis and black-eyed Susan stems that were now wrapped tightly by a white morning glory-type vine.

In the midst of the mess were giant goldenrods and bunches of a woody-stemmed, white baby’s breath-looking flowers, all lassoed and pulled to the ground by the little white trumpet vines. A few bug bites and a lot of sweat later, the undergrowth was cleared away and the nectar-bearing goldenrods and white mystery flowers freed and staked to stand tall as a way station for the monarchs’ annual southward migration.

Today, they came to the mountain.

MAKING A PIT STOP — This monarch spends time gathering nectar for its long journey south.

17 thoughts on “Way station for a long journey

  1. So you painstakingly cleared out the overgrowth to expose these golden rods so that the butterflies would have a convenient place to eat? That’s dedication!

  2. I had one Monarch butterfly in my garden here in Alberta this summer. I sure hope my butterfly is one of the ones making the journey southward.

  3. It’s such an interesting migration! Whenever I see them, I’m reminded of how my In-Laws just “stumbled upon” the park in Mexico where they all go at the end of their migration while on vacation. They also “stumbled on” the yearly Palio horse race in Siena, Italy, on another vacation!

  4. love your photos, there’s something so refreshing about it 🙂
    Monarch butterflies are pretty interesting creatures. I’ve seen episodes at natgeo (or was it discovery channel) before and they’re pretty awesome.

    Your effort to clear your garden surely pays off, amazing photos! 🙂

  5. Good morning Interface!

    I hope this is an OK place for an announcement: You’ve been tagged!

    Biltrix has tagged Water My Flowers Lord for the Blogathon Award. If you wish to partake, please check out our post for details. God bless!

    1. Darn it! Copy past error… how embarrassing. Yes, I also tagged Water My Flowers Lord, but I meant to say in this comment (above) that the

      Biltrix has tagged The Interface for the Blogathon Award. If you wish to partake, please check out our post for details. God bless!

      Pardon my hastiness, please.

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