Sat down for yet another lunch at the desk. Just as I unwrapped my sub, there appeared out the window a pair of foxes. The larger one, top photo, was more bold, venturing into the clearing with a wary eye on the parking lot. The other fox hugged the tree line of the greenbelt, disappearing into the undergrowth soon after the second photo was taken.

Bold fox on a lunchtime stroll
Bold fox keeping an eye on the office parking lot. 
Little fox in winter livery
Smaller fox stayed close to the safe haven of the undergrowth.


10 thoughts on “Urban foxtrot

    1. It was a scramble. I usually keep a camera handy and this one was in a desk drawer, charged and loaded with a card. It was a day of good luck and I won’t complain about lunch at the desk again!

    1. Thanks. Really lucky shot. Just glad the camera battery was charged and that there was a card in the camera. It was a scramble to catch this little fox parade. They certainly look healthy and bright-eyed. What a treat!

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