Praying mantises are common here in the Ouachitas. Adults reach 5 inches in length. This one has a couple inches to go.

ALMOST THERE — Young mantis works his way to the top of a weed.
CHECK ME OUT — Mantis makes his or her way up to the top.
TOP OF MY GAME — Made it.

Reflections of growth of all sorts:
Great fungus

Who doesn’t like new beginnings?
Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth, Take Three

A lovely “time lapse” of growth

Up close and personal with a succulent

Almost too big


Back to school

The measure of growth

and the main page:

30 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Growth

  1. You’ve got a really nice blog here, great photos and interesting subjects. I used to drive through Arkansas going from Texas to the northeast and loved going through Arkansas. More than once I went through the eastern portion early in the morning when semis were slumbering in herds on the roadside, and watched the crop dusters stunt flying as I drove through.

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