On a typical day, we’ll grateful to see a handful of visitors stopping by the Interface. Just imagine our shock at seeing a hundredfold spike in traffic today. (Did anyone get the number of that truck?) We’re really puzzled, but pleased. Thanks to everyone who stopped by so far — for whatever reason!

As Yul Brynner used to sing: “Is a puzzlement.”

13 thoughts on “What just happened?

  1. You almost got in one day what I’ve acquired over nearly a year! Well done and grats on the award. Well deserved.

    1. Thanks BeechCreek, but I wonder if it’s all accidental. We wound up with 3,685 page views total; and then today, we’re back to normal. It’s crazy because it’s more than 20 percent of the blog’s hits since we fired it up on 2009.

  2. Is it all for the same post? What post created such interest compared to your other posts? What secrets did you reveal in that post?
    And why the Spanish?!?
    This is a mystery indeed.

    1. Of the 3,685 page views, 3,376 went to the homepage/archives. Search engines referred 205 views total and “Bactrian” was the top search term. None of this really makes any sense. I wonder if simply referring to ‘Wikipedia” in the toponym post drove so much; or on the darker side, perhaps someone/thing was trying a badly executed denial of service attack (or related malice). The Spanish origin of most of these hits is still a mystery too.

      And as quickly as it began; it all ended. We’re back to our more normal traffic today.

  3. Very interesting. Cool story. One day my post went viral and got more than 18,000 hits. (my bookshelf). Not Freshly Pressed. Then back to normal in two days time. Sure exciting when it happens. I enjoy your blog.

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