The steel and composite wings of a jet share the sky with the delicate wings of a yellow swallowtail butterfly in a moment that lasted the blink of an eye.

WINGED — Northeast-bound jet shares the sky with a butterfly cruising at 700 feet.

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17 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Fleeting moment

    1. Just lucky panning. The little digital has a 10x zoom, some of it actual optics, the remainder is digital enhancement. The butterfly and contrail just happened to be in the frame like some big exclamation mark. Thanks for visiting and taking time to comment!

      1. TY for explaining your shot in detail… I learned from it and that is what I enjoy a lot about this challenge… learning and sharing.

    1. Pure luck! I was literally chasing that butterfly around the house trying to catch a clear shot and as I rounded the corner, the jet contrail appeared in the view finder. Had to catch that image. Thanks for stopping by to visit.

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