Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

This week’s photo challenge is all about warmth.

The sun, peeking out from under a cloud deck, gave the illusion of warmth on a morning with wind chills in the 20s. The shake on this hand-held seven-second exposure (shivering?) gave this an almost flame-like effect.

New Year's Eve sunrise.
New Year’s Eve sunrise.
What the sunrise looked like without the zoom and the camera shake.

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Weekly photo challenge: One shot, two ways

Heading back from a few days on the Gulf Coast, we made a point to cross the beautiful cable-stayed bridge that spans the Mississippi River between Greenville, Miss., and Lake Village, Ark.  These were two from a series taken on approach  through cornfields on the Mississippi side of the river, and on across the bridge.  The photos don’t really do this gorgeous piece of design justice.



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Weekly photo challenge: Free spirit

The midsummer sky here on the mountain is filled with dragonflies, but as autumn approaches, the numbers decline. Here on Labor Day weekend, there are only one or two zipping and weaving across the blue.

FREE SPIRIT — One of the last of summer’s dragonflies hovers, darts and circles about on a hot Labor Day.

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