This week’s challenge, “create,” has been a frustrating one. What to post? A thousand times the question was asked and a thousand times not even an echo replied. It’s terribly ironic considering my livelihood depends on creativity.

However, one of this week’s challenge responses, at lifebymagdalene, set off a flash of inspiration. My Dad! Eighty years young, Dad has been painting and drawing all his life. He has always inspired me with his artwork, whether a complex painting of a naval battle or a quick pencil sketch of Broadway Joe Namath for me to color with my broken crayons. I’d always aspired to his level of skill and talent.

And if any more inspiration was needed, my Dad is blind, his vision stolen by macular degeneration.

He continues, each week, to challenge himself  in art sessions at the Braille Institute. Some of his works:

BRIDGE OF TRANQUILITY — A painting from 2007.
BAMBOO — A watercolor from 2005.

Be sure to check out all the responses for the weekly photo challenge at:

Some favs from this week:

14 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Create

  1. Oh my, your dad is awesome! My daughter is an incoming 3rd year college Graphics Major in the US and my brother is a Graphics Artist and many times, they lack inspiration (so they say)…well, they should see your dad’s work!

    God bless the work of his hands and may he continue to challenge those who can see, to view the world with a new perspective. ..that they will find inspiration in the mundane of things and elevate these to a higher art form.


    1. Thanks! He still has a tiny amount of vision and is able to create these with much care and labor. (it’s almost like trying to paint in a dark room with the only light being a single Christmas light bulb in another room.)

      1. his story is so heartbreakingly beautiful! Love his spirit and tendency to keep going!

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