We are so honored to have been nominated for two blogging awards by Windagainstcurrent.com and Biltrix.com, two truly outstanding blogs. We’re still amazed and perpetually surprised that people stop and read, but are glad to be in a blogging community that offers so much inspiration, in so many ways.

Thanks to Windagainstcurrent for the nominating us for the Illuminating Blogger Award and to Biltrix, who also nominated us for that and the One Lovely Blogger honor.


The Illuminating Blogger Award asks the honoree to share one random thing about the blogger, and nominate five others.

Random thing:  Not very good at driving a stick shift.

Would like to nominate both Biltrix and Windagainstcurrent for the Illuminating award, but someone got to them first!  The five nominees are:

The One Lovely Blogger Award asks that the blogger to offer seven random things. Here goes:

  • Loves sailing.
  • Hasn’t finished that master’s thesis yet.
  • Hope to one day to shoot and post good photos of birds, especially the neighborhood wild turkeys.
  • Cradle Catholic.
  • Has tried foods made with insects and acorns.
  • Uses Mac and PC.
  • Doesn’t know very much about much, but sure wants to learn.

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone who comes to visit. We were tickled to hit the 10,000 hit milestone recently and are grateful to you all.

8 thoughts on “Honored

  1. Congratulations on the awards! Looking forward to more great nature shots, especially the wild turkeys, on your blog in the future. God bless!

  2. Congratulations on all these awards—very much deserved! And with these awards it’s always interesting to find out about new blogs that the recipients recommend… and so we are happy to discover in particular Portraits of Wildflowers, which we didn’t know about before 🙂

  3. Congratulations on the awards and I appreciate the nomination to the ‘Illuminating Blogger Award’. I’ve always enjoyed your blog and the photos you take especially since we are from the same stretch of country. Well deserved award and keep up the excellent work. Take care and stay safe.

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