Why yes. That is the headline. Why do you ask?

However, in the spirit of full disclosure, it must be noted that this post’s headline was entirely accidental — caused by sitting on my phone. How it actually opened the WordPress app AND posted the entry is beyond my ken. So let’s hear it for butt dialing at a new level.

Thanks to Eliza Waters for posting a comment, or else this eccentric post might not have gone noticed for days.

2 thoughts on “By mh hmmmmñ nbv nuhgnnmmnmmmhhnhmmnhmyhmmgnnnukmumnmmmmmmmmmjmjmynmknjnvv. H ygnghjttnthmyjhmujyhyyyjuyjyyyjlllulliluunghyhjymuuyhmkjuujkuuklluuuiklikiuikiiilliiuiiiliiiiililiiiilliiilililllllh

  1. Holy moley. Your puzzlement is understandable! Was charging my mobile in the car, juggling cameras and other items. Suddenly I heard a clicking sound and realized I’d been sitting on the phone and it was typing characters! Until your comment popped up, I had no idea that the phone and my derrière had made a post! This takes “butt dialing” to a whole new level! (was a passenger, not a driver … )

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