Been a while since we posted. We had a couple rounds of heavy winter weather and being trapped away from home for days at a time. Nice to be back home. Between bouts of wintry mix, the birds came out and did what birds do.

Distractions at the office

The parade of wildlife outside the office window is amazing, and at times, distracting. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. [The photos aren’t great — hard to shoot through double-pane energy-efficient windows with a reflective coating. Still …]

FLICKER -- A yellow-shafted flicker takes a second's break while pecking around the "back yard" at the office.
UP A TREE -- Is exactly where you'd expected a red-bellied woodpecker.
DEFYING GRAVITY -- Red-bellied woodpecker goes nearly perpendicular just because he can.
SLEETY MORNING -- Cardinal struts in a landscape of sleet, dormant grass, broken pine twigs and old sweet gum balls.