Weekly Photo Challenge: New

What better theme to start the new year with, than “new?”

For years I’ve been wanting to make a custom-flavored gin.  Santa obliged this Christmas, and in cahoots with my husband, put a gin-making starter kit under the tree.  The infusion process began today with a juniper berry bath. Tomorrow, we’ll start experimenting with the botanicals to create something new. (And tasty. We hope.)

Juniper berries in a bottle.
Juniper berries taking a vodka bath.

(A little cardamom here, some black pepper there, a smidge of lavender or lime … the possibilities are endless.)

Other visions of new we liked:

Weekly photo challenge: A (fraction of a) day in my life

This is really only a couple of minutes in a day in my life (yesterday, for that matter.) You could hear the peeping from down the hall: A basket of little yellow chicks. Not for Easter, but for the start of a 4-H project teaching kids how to raise chickens. One chick, cradled by a co-worker, fell asleep in her warm palm, or simply found our department boring.* A more detailed post, perhaps, after Easter.

*No, having poultry or other livestock in our office is not typical.

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Other days. Other lives: