Weekly photo challenge: Depth (of time, past and future)

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge focuses on depth. We thought we’d explore some temporal, rather than spatial depths. The top photo is a fragment of a worked stone — its age and purpose unknown.  Its once sharp fracture creases have been eroded by both depth in time and water. Novaculite, an excellent material for flintknapping, is found in the Arkansas and Oklahoma Ouachitas.

The bottom photo was taken leaving work last Friday afternoon. The swelling buds on this tulip tree speak of the depth of time until spring.

Napped flint in palm.
Gift from the past.


Backlit buds
Looking to the future and spring.

Other depths explored this week:


Weekly photo challenge: Express yourself

The Weekly Photo Challenges seem to be getting, well, more challenging. This week’s theme is “Express Yourself.” This image is not so much about what the sign says, but how out of place its expression seems in a place where the only anglers are birds.

no fishing sign on tree

Self-expressions that we liked include:

Weekly photo challenge: Serenity

Finding serenity any time is a challenge, and this week it IS the challenge.  For the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to capture the latest comet Lovejoy in pixels. Tonight’s effort was flustered by clouds, but one shot — a test shot setting up — seemed to hit all the right notes.  The soft light in the cloud,  the familiar pinpoints of starlight and the warm glow coming from the house next door all seemed to be a little bit of serenity.

1-19 NightSkyTrees

Other bits of serenity from this week’s challenge:

Weekly photo challenge: Shadowed II

Shadows angle across a snow-dusted deck.

Shadows across snow dusted deck.

Even more “shadowed” we liked this week:

Weekly Photo Challenge: New

What better theme to start the new year with, than “new?”

For years I’ve been wanting to make a custom-flavored gin.  Santa obliged this Christmas, and in cahoots with my husband, put a gin-making starter kit under the tree.  The infusion process began today with a juniper berry bath. Tomorrow, we’ll start experimenting with the botanicals to create something new. (And tasty. We hope.)

Juniper berries in a bottle.
Juniper berries taking a vodka bath.

(A little cardamom here, some black pepper there, a smidge of lavender or lime … the possibilities are endless.)

Other visions of new we liked:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge cue is “converge.” The top convergence was most unfortunate. The tree is 70 feet high – give or take a foot or two – so rescue of this remote-controlled plane is unlikely. The bottom shot shows the moon, Mars and Antares somewhat close to converging on a single line back in September.

RC plane in tree.
OUCH – Large remote-controlled plane hangs upside down in a pine tree.
Moon, Mars and Antares line up.
STELLAR/LUNAR — The moon, Mars and Antares line up back in September.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

No exotic locations. No great landmarks.  Just nighttime as seen from our deck tonight through a 30-second exposure.

Night time horizon
Looking southeastward from our deck. Little Rock’s city lights are glowing in the distance. Stars sparkling on the right.

And other visions in the night that we liked:

WordPress Photo Challenge: Endurance

The bridge over War Eagle Creek opened to the hoof-clatter of horse-drawn vehicles. More than a century later, the wood and steel bones of this one-lane bridge shoulder the foot- and tire-treads of tourists and neighbors alike. It’s a performance that speaks to this week’s theme: “Endurance.”

Steel span bridge over a creek.
WAR EAGLE BRIDGE — Has been standing for more than a century in Northwest Arkansas. It spans War Eagle Creek, which still drives a paddle-wheel grain mill. (Taken July 27, 2014)
War Eagle Mill by the creek.
THE MILL — The mill at War Eagle as seen from the bridge. The mill wheel is obscured by a plywood wall. The old ways endure at the mill, which still uses stone disks to grind grain.

Still, Benton County, Arkansas, officials are scrounging around for the $300,000 it will need to strengthen the bridge. Last spring, inspectors found rusting pins in need of replacement.

Learn more about War Eagle Mill at www.wareaglemill.com.

Other feats of endurance from this week’s challenge:




Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette

Silhouette” has come up again as a theme for the weekly photo challenge. (The last time was in October 2012.) And again, we turn to our nearest neighbor, using its light to throw other objects in silhouette.


Setting moon obscured by clouds.
Narrow clouds in silhouette against the setting super moon of Aug. 10.


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer lovin’

Our entry for this week’s “Summer Lovin'” photo challenge is a photo taken last Saturday for a post we were going to title “The Romance of Flowers.” There were a few folks on the same wavelength this week, including the Ladybugs entry from The Changing Palette (see link below).

Mating insects in flower.
IT TAKES TWO — To pollinate.

Other challenge entries we loved: