Weekly photo challenge: Everyday life

“Everyday life” is one of those phrases whose meaning can run to opposite ends. On the surface, it seems to talk about the routine, those actions we take every day, almost without thinking. We check the clock, brush our teeth, drive to work. “Everyday life” can also mean that flow of myriad details, large and small, that make each day different from the one before or after.

SHINY METAL BOXES — The five-days-a-week routine: eastbound into the morning sun. The commute into Little Rock.  The start time may be the same. The end time may be the same, but no two runs to work are ever the same.
RIDING IN THE RAIN — Trolley shuttles tourists around and between the Little Rock and North Little Rock downtowns , both joined and separated by the Arkansas River. The trolley heads north through the Argenta section of North Little Rock on a rainy Saturday.
GRAY DAY — Trudging across the Broadway Bridge over the Arkansas River toward downtown Little Rock.

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