Weekly photo challenge: Create

This week’s challenge, “create,” has been a frustrating one. What to post? A thousand times the question was asked and a thousand times not even an echo replied. It’s terribly ironic considering my livelihood depends on creativity.

However, one of this week’s challenge responses, at lifebymagdalene, set off a flash of inspiration. My Dad! Eighty years young, Dad has been painting and drawing all his life. He has always inspired me with his artwork, whether a complex painting of a naval battle or a quick pencil sketch of Broadway Joe Namath for me to color with my broken crayons. I’d always aspired to his level of skill and talent.

And if any more inspiration was needed, my Dad is blind, his vision stolen by macular degeneration.

He continues, each week, to challenge himself  in art sessions at the Braille Institute. Some of his works:

BRIDGE OF TRANQUILITY — A painting from 2007.
BAMBOO — A watercolor from 2005.

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Some favs from this week:


Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

Better late than never!

CLOSE — The squirrel on the right spent a good half hour chasing the squirrel on the left, round and round the yard and up a tree. The squirrel on the left finally laid down for a nap on a limb. The one on the right halted its head-butting chase only reluctantly.

And a repost from 2010’s visit to St. Paul’s Como Park Zoo.

BUT FOR THE GLASS — Closeness between children, water and polar bears.

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Weekly photo challenge: Together

It’s all about togetherness. Most of these photos have been previously published on this site. Only the bluebirds are new.

KISS -- Doe and fawn nuzzle after grazing the lawn and before heading back into the woods.
BROTHERS -- The two furry boys from up the road playfight over a stick after a dip in the pond.
MAKING MORE SNAKES --  Look closely and you'll see two snakes warming themselves in the sun.
THREE IN A TREE -- Bluebirds fluff themselves against the cold in this January 2010 photo.

Favorites from this week are below — the pelicans at windagainstcurrent.com were irresistible.

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Weekly photo challenge: Arranged

Nothing like a quiet lunch al fresco in a cool, shady location on a warm, summery sort of March day.  This young speckled kingsnake had such a lunch all arranged.

DEADLY ARRANGEMENT -- At least it was for the ring-necked snake that wound up as lunch for this specked kingsnake.
ALL ARRANGED -- Speckled kingsnake arranges his loops around his prey, which he wound up eating as a human eats a strand of spaghetti.
LEAVING THE SCENE -- Having finished lunch, the kingsnake spins away to a less public place amid the oak leaves and poke sallet.


Here’s a somewhat lighter take on “arranged,” featuring an animal and food, from an earlier posting.

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