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Wordpress family award badge

We’d like to congratulate The Casual Philosopher, for earning that first blogging award, and thanks for nominating us for the WordPress Family Award! The rules for this honor are simple. Link back to the nominator, then make 10 nominations of your own.

  1. Phil Lanoue – – Stunning wildlife photography.
  2. Mad Queen Linda – Life, full speed ahead!
  3. Janaline’s World Travel – Seems like she’s been everywhere.
  4. Taking a Deep Breath – We could all use one.
  5. 3rdCulture Children – An adventure with family: 3rd culture
  6. The Blonde Gardener – Gardening and travels based in Arkansas:
  7. Humbled pie –  Life and travels in the South. –
  8. Under the Skies of Arkansas –  Photo adventures of a sometimes barefoot bicyclist in Arkansas –
  9. Sofacents –  The slogan says it all: From Ad-Man to Stay-At-Home-Dad Man!!
  10. Naomi Baltuck –  So enjoy this writer’s writings and images.
  11. Bonus nominee, but has also been nominated twice for this award: Front Range Scribbles. Music, radio, The Rockies. Writings of someone who used to live in Arkansas:

(Please note, that after a few weeks this post will relocate here: