Graceful grapes

I love the shape of grape leaves — deeply lobed, with lovely curves and points and essential to the beautiful fruit they will eventually help create. They are especially beautiful in their youth — blushing, satiny and untouched by disfiguring phylloxera or other pests.

Grapevine tendril
CURVACEOUS — Young tendril curves on itself.
Young grape leaves.
LEAFING OUT — Young grape leaves along the ground.

Weekly photo challenge: Purple I

A little local color among our wild grapes.

TURNING PURPLE — Wild grapes ripen to a deep purple.
RAISINS — Fifteen days after the top photo was taken, drought shows its fingerprints on these grapes. Berries lower in the cluster have shriveled; unripe green berries are beginning to wrinkle before any of the purple pigment appears.

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Local color

Some random shots of local color.

CATERPILLAR - Wandering around the driveway.
SUMMER TANAGER -- He's back and he's red. Hard to miss him in the canopy.
DAISY -- Shadows of taller wildflowers fall across the daisy's face.
ORANGE -- Tiny flower peers up from the grass.
GRAPE EXPECTATIONS -- Grapes ready to bloom.
FLASH OF RED -- Ruby-throated hummingbird shows his colors from his favorite perch in the sumac.


The possum grapes are preparing for another year’s crop. ┬áThe flowers are out and ready to make baby grapes. Let’s hope the pollinators return with a week of dry weather.

Grape flowers
Future grapes bask in a long-awaited sunny day.