Weekly Photo Challenge: Through (2)

Pinhole photography has always fascinated us. With the passing of film*, we wondered whether it could be done mechanically using a digital camera rather than using the software version that’s available on some cameras. After a little experimentation with shutter and aperture settings, a black piece of cardboard with pinhole in it, and a little (cringe) tape, we think we got it working, or some reasonable approximation, with no digital monkeying.

*We don’t really believe film is dead. Just taking a little nap.

So, our second weekly challenge entry is through a pinhole. (and below, more weekly challenge entries to love!)

STARS AND STRIPES -- Our wind-blown porch flag.
EARLY BLOOMER --A half-unfurled coreopsis flower greets Saturday's sunlight.
TEAPOT -- A closeup of a teapot made in my aunt's ceramics shop in Bangkok. A beloved memento of a trip there more than a decade ago.


And the “mother site”: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/03/23/weekly-photo-challenge-through/

LITTLE TEAPOT -- Several visitors to The Interface have asked about the teapot mentioned above. Sorry, not a great shot, wanted to get this up ASAP. It's small, holding about two cups'worth, but was made with loving hands.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

A bicycle rider is a blur as she moves through time and space relative to the camera’s eye.

FRIDAY RIDE DAY -- A rider sets out on a sunny Friday as part of a workplace effort to get people exercising at the University of Arkansas's Cooperative Extension Service state headquarters in Little Rock. The rides are held at lunchtime and will run eight weeks, culminating with the city's Ride to Work Day. 

Some favorite renderings of the theme (so far!) can be found at: