‘Dances with oregano’ or ‘doctor, there’s a walkingstick in my eye’

Was doing some busywork this afternoon — clearing away spiderwebs and pulling up weeds that grow between the seams in the sidewalk. Came inside to make a little peach tart, when it occurred to me that there was something on my glasses. Thought it was a segment of bermudagrass that perhaps had fallen out of my hair and onto my frames. Was about to flick it away and then realized that grass was really a green walkingstick. Put him safely outside in one of the pots out on the deck, where he curled gracefully into the oregano.

Green walkingstick in pot.
Green walkingstick climbs into an oregano jungle.
Green walkingstick on eyeglasses.
What a view! Up close with a green walkingstick.


This walkingstick made the 15-mile trip from Ferndale to the office, hanging onto the wing mirror even at highway speeds.

MAKING THE RIDE -- Walkingstick remains clinging to the mirror after a 15-mile road.
AS CLOSE AS IT APPEARS - Walkingstick clings to the mirror.

Epilogue: The walkingstick stayed on the wing mirror all day. While on the commute home, he crawled up the passenger side window to the roof. Never saw him again.