Weekly photo challenge: Depth (of time, past and future)

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge focuses on depth. We thought we’d explore some temporal, rather than spatial depths. The top photo is a fragment of a worked stone — its age and purpose unknown.  Its once sharp fracture creases have been eroded by both depth in time and water. Novaculite, an excellent material for flintknapping, is found in the Arkansas and Oklahoma Ouachitas.

The bottom photo was taken leaving work last Friday afternoon. The swelling buds on this tulip tree speak of the depth of time until spring.

Napped flint in palm.
Gift from the past.


Backlit buds
Looking to the future and spring.

Other depths explored this week:


Winter vs Spring: Round 1

Winter vs. Spring. The fight is on! Round 1 goes to Spring. Images taken Feb. 27 in Little Rock.

Single daffodil bloom
SPRUNG — Patches of daffodils in the woods behind the office are showing signs that spring isn’t going to be bullied by Ol’ Man Winter.
Bloom on a tulip tree backlit by winter sun. BRIGHT – Bloom on a tulip tree backlit by winter sun.
Witch hazel.
BEWITCHED — Witchhazel blooms in the office garden.
Bunch of daffodils
SPRUNG II — Cluster of daffodils!


A bloomin’ good time

More signs of spring

With highs expected to run close to 80 degrees this week, it’s hard to believe it’s still winter. Spring has burst out all over, but as the TV meteorologist reminded his audience this morning, the typical dates for the last freeze and last frosts of the season are still ahead of us. Nevertheless, spring is out of the box.

Fragrant wild fruit blossoms
These flowering trees have filled the air with incredible sweetness. ID anyone?
Poke sallet rising
Our normally precocious poke sallet was a little slow out of the gate this year, but it has made its presence known. The poke seems to thrive the scant soil that covers the Stanley shale. A potential grapevine location.
Wood sorrel
Sorrel is up and ready for pollination.
Tulip tree's full tilt bloom. (cell phone photo)
Yellow flower
Sadly, another beautiful spring flower in need of an ID.
Another beautiful weeping form blossoming tree. (cell phone photo)