Ghosts and empty sockets

Humans tend to see human qualities everywhere: in images, behavior, even the night sky. Anthropomorphization is one of those things that defines humanity.

Mud dauber wasp nest.
EMPTY — This unusual mud dauber nest was symmetrical, with holes at about the same level, giving it an eerie skull- or masklike appearance. It, along with three or four other wasp nests, was discovered under the bonnet of our truck.
Mud dauber nest.
Another view of the same image above, showing its “‘other eye.”


Temps as low as the lower teens turned the pond to ice and the roadway into truck luge course.


Frozen lake
A week of sub-freezing temperatures covered the pond with ice.
Snow on rustic lantern
Morning sunshine highlights the stones of the rustic Japanese garden lantern/cairn made from native Stanley shale.