Silhouetted against the midday sun, the broken trunk of a long-dead tree looms like a cowled figure of a druid standing in his oak (and hickory) grove.

Broken Tree trunk
MIDDAY & MYSTERIOUS – Trees cast shadows northward on the ridge.

Weekly photo challenge: Depth (of time, past and future)

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge focuses on depth. We thought we’d explore some temporal, rather than spatial depths. The top photo is a fragment of a worked stone — its age and purpose unknown.  Its once sharp fracture creases have been eroded by both depth in time and water. Novaculite, an excellent material for flintknapping, is found in the Arkansas and Oklahoma Ouachitas.

The bottom photo was taken leaving work last Friday afternoon. The swelling buds on this tulip tree speak of the depth of time until spring.

Napped flint in palm.
Gift from the past.


Backlit buds
Looking to the future and spring.

Other depths explored this week:


Weeping pine

While attending to the weekly hill workout, a glint caught my eye on the way up.  One of the more than 170 pine trees that needed to be cut in the days following the Christmas Day 2012 blizzard, had been weeping sap. Its “frozen” tears caught the afternoon light.

FUTURE AMBER - Pine sap drips ever so slowly from a sawn trunk.
FUTURE AMBER – Pine sap drips ever so slowly from a sawn trunk.