Memphis curves

This week’s photo challenge is all about curves.  There’s rarely a bad angle when trying to grab a picture of the “M” bridge that carries Interstate 40 over the Mississippi to connect Arkansas and Tennessee. The image below is in downtown Memphis looking west.

6-6-16 M Bridge Downtown.jpg

Weekly photo challenge: Dreaming III

Dreaming of stardom.

STARMAKER MACHINERY — How many dreams of stardom were made or broken in the Memphis offices and studios of Sam Phillips, the man who launched Elvis and discovered Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash? The other, more well-known name associated with Phillips is the world-famous Sun Studio, just a stone’s throw away from this Madison Avenue building on Union Avenue.

See the Dreaming mother page.

Memphis for Thanksgiving

The two-hour  drive to Memphis yielded some interesting sights. The most  interesting Thanksgiving day sighting  was a flock of wild turkeys on the roadside east of Biscoe. Must’ve been about 10 of them just doodling around on the verge between the bottomland and the roadbed of  U.S. 70.  Rather risky business on the biggest turkey-eating day of the year. (and did we have the camera ready? nooooo.)

Another great image was that of a large hawk sitting in the shoulder of I-240, the loop road around Memphis. It was just sitting there watching the holiday weekend traffic whiz by. (did we have the camera ready? noooooo.)

Still, we did manage to pull the camera out for some of what Memphis had to offer (with a little help from Photoshop and apologies to film purists.)

Memphis sklyline in black and white
The Memphis skyline captured from the Hernando de Soto bridge that carries I-40 across the Mississippi River.
I-40 bridge over the Mississippi.
One of the two beautiful steel arches that make up the Interstate 40 bridge connecting Arkansas and Tennessee.

Tornado warning

When moisture from the warm Gulf of Mexico meets cold air from the north and west, severe thunderstorms are likely. Sometimes, they give birth to tornadoes. One such storm cropped up mid-afternoon today.  Here on Round Mountain, we had a front row seat as the wall cloud moved eastward, pelting us with pea-sized hail and cracking the sky with frequent lightning.

The National Weather Service is still receiving damage reports. Some 15,000 people are reported without power, with trees down, one car overturned with children inside (the children were rescued and reported to be OK, but probably scared out of their wits), and damage to buildings downtown.


Wall cloud
The rain-free area to the left precedes what was turning into a wall cloud (dark area to the right) that produced a tornado that tracked some 15 miles through Little Rock on Oct. 24.
A stroke of lightning bolts through the sky as the storm intensifies.
Spectacular sunset between storms
Spectacular sunset between storms, as we await a second storm system that has already produced a tornado in SW Arkansas.
Weather radar
Red boxes for tornado warnings and yellow boxes for severe thunderstorms track like footprints across Texas and Arkansas.