Things you didn’t know you had

The downtime between Christmas and New Year provides temporal space to start cleaning those things that may not merit daily attention, but languish in that to-do list priority category just above “limbo” or “someday.” Today it was a handful of glassware reserved for celebratory use and a compact flash card that somehow found a hiding place in the LowePro backpack.  Among the findings from the latter:

July 12, 2014, supermoon
Supermoon framed by pine trees. Taken July 12, 2014.
Indigo bunting in tree.
Indigo bunting preening. Taken July 13, 2014.
Upside down butterfly.
Butterfly hanging on the underside of an azalea branch outside the office window.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, extra

There were big two extras in this photo: the size of the cinnamon roll and Aunt Betty’s delighted expression at seeing the giant pastry (and the gentle teasing from everyone else at the table.)

Giant cinnamon roll.
That’s a cinnamon roll? What you get when you order one at Jensen’s in Burnsville, Minnesota.

And an earlier extra. Was trying to photo the ducks and found the accidental bald eagle in the image. The white tail feathers and head are backlight to the left side of the image in the trees.

A cast of extras with starring roles:



Weekly photo challenge: Surprise

Another better-late-than-never catch-up post. This time, it’s for the Dec. 21 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise. 

Little Rock hadn’t seen a white Christmas since 1926 and boy, was Mother Nature saving up. Arkansas received up to 15 inches of  heavy and wet snow. Here in our corner of the Ouachita Mountains, the snow pressed 152 trees onto the quarter-mile road to our neighborhood. Surprise! (More about this in a future post.)

The long quarter mile.
These bent and broken pines were just the tip of the iceberg. There were more than 100 broken trees further up the hill.

Other surprises: