Things you didn’t know you had

The downtime between Christmas and New Year provides temporal space to start cleaning those things that may not merit daily attention, but languish in that to-do list priority category just above “limbo” or “someday.” Today it was a handful of glassware reserved for celebratory use and a compact flash card that somehow found a hiding place in the LowePro backpack. ¬†Among the findings from the latter:

July 12, 2014, supermoon
Supermoon framed by pine trees. Taken July 12, 2014.
Indigo bunting in tree.
Indigo bunting preening. Taken July 13, 2014.
Upside down butterfly.
Butterfly hanging on the underside of an azalea branch outside the office window.




A little wind, a little luck and a random shutter speed created this shot of a spider holding the Sept. 8 super moon in its grasp.

Spider appears to hold moon in his legs.
He’s got the whole moon in his grasp. Orb spider hanging outside the window. with the Ouachita folds and forest in the background.

Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette

Silhouette” has come up again as a theme for the weekly photo challenge. (The last time was in October 2012.) And again, we turn to our nearest neighbor, using its light to throw other objects in silhouette.


Setting moon obscured by clouds.
Narrow clouds in silhouette against the setting super moon of Aug. 10.


Super moon!

We were blessed with mostly clear skies tonight for the astronomical double-header: a super moon and a meteor shower.  Armed with two Canon DSLRs, a Sony and the Panasonic, the Sony got the shot of the night.

Earlier, folks on the Jersey side of the Hudson had a spectacular view. Check out the photo.*

SUPER MOON! — A beautiful night for a moonrise.

*Do you have any idea how many great pizza joints you can see from Eagle Rock Reservation?