Target fixation, goldfinch style

This goldfinch must’ve been ravenous! He proved quite determined to pluck every single seed out of a faded wild sunflower, pecking at the little globe from every angle.

My had husband pointed out the flash of yellow among the quivering stems and we watched for about 10-15 minutes as he performed his acrobatics during breakfast yesterday.  A few minutes later, the Mrs. showed up to finish off what he’d left.

Goldfinch on seed head.
He didn’t fall on his head, but was working his way around the globe of a sunflower seed head.
Goldfinch eating seeds.
There’s got to be more seed at this angle.
Goldfinch eating seed.
Keep going. A clue to how he got into the position of the top photo.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer lovin’

Our entry for this week’s “Summer Lovin'” photo challenge is a photo taken last Saturday for a post we were going to title “The Romance of Flowers.” There were a few folks on the same wavelength this week, including the Ladybugs entry from The Changing Palette (see link below).

Mating insects in flower.
IT TAKES TWO — To pollinate.

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