Really red

Scarlet tanager singing his three-part song from the top of an oak tree. Could’ve been an entry in last week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, but ran out of┬átime to post. Love seeing this fellow in our green canopy.

Summer tanager.
REALLY RED — Summer Tanager’s plumage stands out against the new foliage and catkins of this oak tree.

Arkansas melange

“Orphan” photos without a theme, except they were all taken in Arkansas.

Summer tanager

This fellow likes to find the highest branches in which to sing his songs.

Red tanager against cloudless blue sky.
Red summer tanager in the leafless upper branches of a troubled oak tree.

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Local color

Some random shots of local color.

CATERPILLAR - Wandering around the driveway.
SUMMER TANAGER -- He's back and he's red. Hard to miss him in the canopy.
DAISY -- Shadows of taller wildflowers fall across the daisy's face.
ORANGE -- Tiny flower peers up from the grass.
GRAPE EXPECTATIONS -- Grapes ready to bloom.
FLASH OF RED -- Ruby-throated hummingbird shows his colors from his favorite perch in the sumac.