Go with the flow

A squirrel preparing for a hard winter spent much of one gray September morning scurrying about grabbing, then burying nuts behind the office. Speaking of leaping and running, check out this Hertsfordshire man’s Squirrel Grand ‘Nutional’ vid to see if there’s a¬†Sciuridae equivalent of the mighty Arkle.:¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMHeyDsnW54.


Squirrel leaping with nut.
Squirrel, nut in mouth, streaks toward a hiding place. Taken Sept. 19, 2014.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

Better late than never!

CLOSE — The squirrel on the right spent a good half hour chasing the squirrel on the left, round and round the yard and up a tree. The squirrel on the left finally laid down for a nap on a limb. The one on the right halted its head-butting chase only reluctantly.

And a repost from 2010’s visit to St. Paul’s Como Park Zoo.

BUT FOR THE GLASS — Closeness between children, water and polar bears.

And others to check out from this week’s challenge:


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