10,000 images

Reached a landmark this week … on Feb. 1, the shutter on the little Sony clicked off its 10,000th image. Since unwrapping it Christmas 2009, the little camera-that-could has withstood cold, rain, heat and dust to shoot family gatherings, professional development meetings, fencing tournaments, crops, horse shows, food, small wonders of nature and all manner of feature story illustrations.

No. 10,000 was this dreamlike frame below (read: handheld and out of focus), a sunset with fog in the valley below taking the color of the sky.

Sadly, this was the week we also discovered that time and use had taken its toll. The flash no longer works.

FEB. 1 -- February first ended with a watercolor sunset and fog in the valley below.
TAKE TWO -- The sharper image of the scene above. This was image No. 9,996.