Eastern coachwhip

The rocky space underneath our front porch has been a den for hog nose and coachwhip snakes. We’d noticed a few freshly shed skins on the slope in front of the house, but hadn’t seen the snakes —  until Memorial Day that is.  Stepped out on the deck, looked down, and there was a coachwhip, enjoying the warm air and the warmer shale.

Eventually, he wound back under the porch, with only one semicircular loop showing his range of colors.

These beautiful snakes are a velvety black with large patches of black-trimmed pink scales. You can see more of Arkansas’ herps at: http://www.herpsofarkansas.com/Snake/HomePage.

snake head
The coach whip's black head contrasts against the light shale.
Going ...
... going ...
coachwhip disappeares
... gone!

Snakes in the garden

When the weather is so beautiful, it’s hard to stay out of the garden. Last week, some largish rocks were moved as part of a minor bed renovation. Underneath were the first snakes of the season — two very bleary worm snakes very much in need of some caffeine.


Worm snakes
Eastern worm snakes (at least I hope that's what they were) get a rude awakening during a garden bed renovation.